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What is Yoga?

Yoga works on the body, mind and spirit. It includes relaxation, breathing and energy components, along with awareness of the self, physically, mentally and spirituality. Yoga is a science, art, philosophy and physical system. Yoga today in the West for the majority of people is a way of keeping good health and happiness in this busy modern day living. Asanas (postures) help relieve many symptoms of the stresses gained throughtout the day, from realigning the posture after sitting at a desk to releasing the built up tensions, and relaxing the mind. The relaxation techniques used in yoga take advantage of the limited free time a person has, and helps to concentrate crucial "time to ourselves" in the most efficient and time saving way. In the age of the twenty-four hour lifestyle, yoga brings successful methods of relaxtion to slow down, relax and unwind. WE CAN COME TO YOUR LOCATION WITH ALL THE EQUIPMENT NEEDED ALSO...

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An Idea is Born

In the modern world the mind is flooded day by day by stimuli from every direction through all our senses. Desires and wants can grow out of proportion to actual needs. Everywhere we turn advertising force feeds our ego the ilusion of happiness. The journey towards inner peace grows.

In some situations the mind is constantly replaying the past, acting out the drama over and over in ever changing scenarios. Alcohol or drugs are often used to dampen the chatter in a attempt to quiet the mind. Meditation is one way of inner peace.

Structured meditation and yoga brings a clearer mind with purer thoughts and motives. Slowly, in time, the ego is eliminated. Intuition is heightened. Hidden knowledge is gained from the subconscious bringing wisdom, peace and happiness.

Knowning Yoga

Traditionally, yoga is a method of combining the individual self with the Divine, Cosmic Consciousness or Universal Spirit. The roots of yoga can be traced back roughly 5000 years. Originally, yoga was passed on as an oral tradition through an unbroken lineage of gurus and disciples working closely together to preserve the sacred teachings. Far from being just a exercise system, yoga helps us connect to our true selfs. Yoga is an experience that cannot be bought, inherited or understood by study alone. The only way to understand yoga is through practise and experience.

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