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"When I started training with Coach Govind, I was experiencing one of the most difficult moments in my life. I found myself caught in a vicious cycle of low self-esteem, unhealthy eating (mainly sweets) and constant low energy. I met and spoke to Coach Govind about my fitness goals and my wish to find some sort of healthy balance between eating and exercise. I transformed my body and I have also transformed my life. I learnt how to give my body the nutrition it needs, whilst also enabling myself to reach my weight loss goals. I am still to this day astonished that I got in the best shape of my life eating full meals and snacks 5 times a day. Not only that, but they were tasty! I used to think that the only way to lose weight was to starve myself and I can’t believe how very wrong I was.

I can honestly say that I have never felt better about how I look and the energy that I have in my everyday life. My posture has improved and he also helped me to target weak areas that needed strength and conditioning to avoid injury. He tailored all my workouts to suit me and gave me constant motivation every day. If ever I needed him, or had a question, all I had to do was text or call. My personal training with him has been state of the art and of the highest professional level.

My friends and family have not only commented on my change in appearance, but have also commented on how happy and energetic I appear." - Jacqui Marland

Training Tip

Try to simplify your nutrition approach. Aim to lower saturated fats and simple sugars! This combined effort will result in fat loss and muscle growth. It takes around 21 days to overcome craving temptations. Maintain your will power for 3 weeks and your healthy eating will become second nature.


"I wanted to take the opportunity to say thanks for such inspiring training. I particularly appreciate your combination of technical knowledge and motivation, and it is clear to me that you are very focused on the long-term gains for clients through hard, fun work. It has made a big difference to my life."

- Sir Michael Jacobs I Consultant & Hon. Senior Lecturer in Infectious Diseases

Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

"I have personally benefited from Govind's training. I found Govind to be very focused, determined and he ensured I achieved my goal by stretching me to reach my maximum potential whilst remaining calm and reassuring when I went through a tough time. Govind has a skill of communicating what needs to be delivered in a very simplistic way."

- Bob Bowery


"I realized that I had become trapped in a lifestyle that involved no exercise and an unbalanced diet. This is when I asked for Govind’s help.

Govind helped me follow his plan of gradually increasing the amount of exercise I did without exhausting myself. Moreover, Govind’s great expertise in so many different ways of training gave me the confidence I needed to develop an interesting training regime involving the use of free weight stations, treadmills, rowers, power plate machines, outdoor aerobic exercises and my favourite Boxing and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) training routines!

Govind spent a considerable amount of time communicating with me in order to find out the specific areas that I needed help with. Through constant talking and provision of the appropriate resources (e.g. literature) he persuaded me to change my eating habits. Govind worked outside our training sessions to prepare exercise and food programmes that I needed to follow. Most importantly he guided me effectively for me to be able to meet the requirements of these programmes.

I am now 10Kg (1st 8lb) lighter and feel a lot healthier. My friends and family say I have shaped up too!" - Konstantinos Beritsis (Costa)

Training Tip

- Training outdoors we help you burn extra calories as your body will use extra energy to try and keep you warm or stay cool. So playing sports and personal training outside will give you the extra edge to get those goals.

- If you drink caffeine within two hours of a meal you will drastically decrease your ability to absorb the iron in the meal you just ate!


"Training with Govind is a treat. Enthusiasm, positivity and deep knowledge, he's particularly attentive to good form and quick to help correct or suggest alternative exercises (with my various injuries, I am very grateful for this!). Form is not my strong-point and I often let it slip without noticing, Govind keeps me alert to it and, not surprisingly, I leave feeling better for it." - Rebecca Lipman

- Most of today's protein bars equal chocolate bars in terms of the amount of sugar they have in them.

- Just a 3% decline in body hydration can cause a 10% decrease in strength and 8% decrease in speed!

"Govind has been an integral part of the team during this time. He not only helped members achieve their results through Personal Training but has developed and coached the personal training team to deliver exceptional standards. He has shown he has a passion for health and fitness setting standards as a role model, again not only to his clients but also to the team." - Will Brentnall / Sports Club Manager

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