At Home Personal Training

Weight Loss, Yoga & Boxing

Weight Loss Personal Training


We know that a one-size-fits-all approach will not work for everyone. We develop workouts and programs that is specific to what your body needs and what your goals are. Using the most current Scientifically proven methods to BURN FAT FAST! Incorporating up-to-date Customised Workout Plans for your Weight Loss Personal Training Program.

We offer coaching services and focus on the following areas:

  • Cardiovascular Exercise Assistance
    - to Optimize Fat Burning & Weight Loss

  • Resistance Training

    - to Increase Lean Muscle Mass & Metabolism

  • Flexibility Training

    - to Prevent Injury & Promote Recovery


  • Nutrition Advice

    - Healthy & well balanced for your specific program

  • Coaching
    - World class
    knowledge & support with
    honesty & Integrity

Boxing & Fitness Program
We offer a specialist Boxing & Martial Arts Training Program to empower your soul. If you want you can add this to your Weight Loss Personal Training Program. It will include -

Skills Training: Self Defence & Martial Art Movements, Pad Work, Bag Combinations, Offence & Defence/Fight Techniques, Footwork & Various Ranges, Punch Speed & Counter Punch

Athletic Training:

  • Strength - Calisthenics/Free Weights
  • Speed - Shadow Boxing/Plyometrics
  • Reflexes - Defence drills/Focus mitts

Start a Healthy Diet

Nutrition plays a huge role in the fitness equation. The team can help you create a nutritional meal plan so you can achieve optimal results in the shortest time possible. Our essential advice will not make you suffer at the hands of calorie counting and fad diets. We will take out all the guesswork. This type of eating plan will lead to loss of body fat, increased muscle tone and a sustained form of energy to fuel your day. This will give you maximum success in your Weight Loss Personal Training Program.

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Guaranteed Results
Personal Training

We are so confident that we provide guaranteed results personal training. If you do not feel or look better in 12 weeks, we will refund your entire investment. 

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