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I started my career in the health and fitness industry in 2007. Starting out as a fitness instructor, class instructor and personal trainer. Then working my way up to management of club's and manager of personal trainers. After working with a massive number of clients in England in that span of time, I have been able to craft proven training methods and techniques that deliver maximum results.

Experienced Athlete & Coach + Master Trainer for Personal Trainers

"has developed and coached the personal training team to deliver exceptional standards"

At the age of 14 I joined my local Athletics club competing at a high level in the 400m and 800m events. After this I found Boxing that I trained in for years. Then I branched out to various Martial Arts including Kickboxing, Kung Fu and Brazilian Ju Jistu. I have had the honour of training with World Class Athletes. I have "LIVED" training in different systems and understand how they can change the body. I have learnt how to personalize training methods to the individual to get them to the best they can be and reach their tailored goal.


My name is Govind Gautama. I am a fitness business owner in Barnet. It is important to me because I feel it is my duty and honour to serve the community by giving my years of knowledge in Health & Fitness to help improve the quality of life in all. I have always enjoyed Fitness Training, Yoga and Martial Arts. There are more benefits to exercise then you realise. I wish to share my life long passion for Health & Fitness to anyone needing to improve in these areas. Our service offers At Home Personal Training in the comfort of your own home. Outdoors in your garden or local park. We come to you. Thank you for reading.

Emma Reid - Weight Loss Management Expert

Emma Reid has taken her own training to the highest level competing as a natural fitness model. This has given her world class knowledge on how to burn body fat fast. Let Emma share her secrets with you so you can burn off your own body fat in the shortest amount of time possible.

"Emma has really helped to change my whole attitude towards my training and nutrition. I am leaner, stronger, fitter and feel so much more confident"- James Fisher

With Emma's training systems she will burn the fat off you by evaluating your specific body type. Understanding what type of training methods suit your individual body best to gain your goal in the fastest time.

"Happy to provide training programs specific to my individual needs, as well as provide invaluable advice of diet, food and more general health and fitness concerns"- Andy Normile

Emma also offers At Home Personal Training and can come to your location.

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Emma Reid